jeudi 24 décembre 2009

Brian Wilson - Brian Wilson (Deluxe Edition) (1988)

01-Love And Mercy
02-Walkin' The Line
03-Melt Away
04-Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long
05-Little Children
06-One For The Boys
07-There's So Many
08-Night Time
09-Let It Shine
10-Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight
11-Rio Grande
12-Brian on ''Love And Mercy''
13-He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To Move
14-Being With The One You Love
15-Let's Go To Heaven In My Car
16-Too Much Sugar
17-There's So Many (démo)
18-Walkin' The Line (demo)
19-Melt Away (early version - alt. vocal)
20-Night Time (instrumental track)
21-Little Children (demo)
22-Night Bloomin' Jasmine (demo)
23-Rio Grande (early version - compiled rough mixes)
24-Brian On ''Rio Grande''
25-Brian On ''The Source''
26-Hidden Track

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