jeudi 10 décembre 2009

Cass Elliot - The Complete Solo Collection 1968-71 - CD1 et CD2

Mama Cass... la baraque!
A l'exception d'une poignée de chansons aux accents country (au mitan du premier disque, ici), presque tout est bon dans l'opulente carrière solo de la big Mama. Un poids lourd de la pop californienne (encore méconnu, malgré son envergure). Présence massive; mélodies vaporeuses et serpentines. Toute la dialectique de la pesanteur et de la grâce.
"The room nobody lives in" me donne envie de pleurer, parfois.

Disc One:

1. Dream A Little Dream Of Me
2. California Earthquake
3. The Room Nobody Lives In
4. Talkin' To Your Toothbrush
5. Blues For Breakfast
6. You Know Who I Am
7. Rubber Band
8. Long Time Loving You
9. Jane, The Insane Dog Lady
10. What Was I Thinking Of
11. Burn Your Hatred
12. Sweet Believer
(1-12: Dream A Little Dream album, 1968)
13. It's Getting Better
14. Blow Me A Kiss
15. Sour Grapes
16. Easy Come, Easy Go
17. I Can Dream, Can't I
18. Welcome To The World
19. Lady Love
20. He's A Runner
21. Move In A Little Closer Baby
22. When I Just Wear My Smile
23. Who's To Blame
(13-23: Bubble Gum, Lemonade And... Something For Mama album, 1969)

Disc Two:
1. Make Your Own Kind Of Music (single 1969)
2. New World Coming (single 1970)
3. A Song That Never Comes (from Mama's Big Ones)
4. The Good Times Are Comin' (from Monte Walsh OST)
5. Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By (single 1970)
6. One Way Ticket (from Mama's Big Ones)
7. Ain't Nobody Else Like You (from Mama's Big Ones)
8. The Costume Ball (from Doctor's Wives OST)
9. Darling Be Home Soon (previously unreleased)
10. Sisotowbell Lane (previously unreleased)
11. For As Long As You Need Me (previously unreleased)
12. Different (from Pufnstuf OST)
13. Here We Go Again (from Dave Mason & Cass Elliot)
14. All For Me (single b-side 1969)
15. A Song That Never Comes (mono single mix)

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